Hi guys, I am a long-time weezer fan. Now a producer/engineer/audio professor living in Hollywood.

Weezer has some really talented fans, I'm wondering if any of you who write original music would like to make a compilation album. I feel as if it is a better idea than a weever cover album, but I am open to anything. Suggestions?

Check out the band that I currently play in/ engineer/ produce. We are called "Ugly, Ugly Words"


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Can't tell if serious pitch or self-promo..

I'd like to do a compilation of weezer fan original music. I simply linked to my stuff so people can see I am legit.

G Foo Chombey said:

Can't tell if serious pitch or self-promo..

being in a band doesn't mean you're legit.

Well okay.

I have 2 degrees in sound. If you want I can send you a copy of my Master's Degree. I teach audio recording and production at a College. I have worked at multiple grammy nominated/winning music recording/mixing studios. If I look outside my apartment I can see where Pinkerton was mixed. Ever heard of it?

Here's a Pro Tools session of a production I worked on, it has over 200 audio tracks:


Here's a photo of the console I most recently mixed on, it costs $300,000.


Any serious musicians on this page?

Long story short, we've tried collabs 'round here. It never works. Nice work though. I can respect a man with Pro Tools.

Only if you can get the ATNW song on it and you let me rap.


That's funny.  If I look outside the window of my house, I see a tree where a squirrel lives. 
Ian Vargo said:

If I look outside my apartment I can see where Pinkerton was mixed. Ever heard of it?

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