did anyone here already get their weezer DVD of the Seattle show from the store? 

Any thoughts on how it came out or what the quality was like? 

I was kind of curious to know what it was like before buying, in particular because I already have the audio CD bootleg for Seattle that I bought from the store when it came out.


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It's oddly not in the store anymore.

I heard there were many issues with the DVD.  Like Brian being inaudible and no menus.  Maybe no menus was by design.  Who knows, maybe Karl is remastering them.

there are no menus, but that didn't bother me really. I thought the quality was good. Some of the shots are a bit too quick or at odd angles.. but it works with the style of it. It doesnt present itself as a professional quality dvd, just like the cds dont either.. they're "bootlegs". I had a lot of fun watching it, the sound was good and I was just playing it on my tv with no stereo or anything. 

the only complaints I had were:

- like usual Scott's bass was hard to hear (but thats unfortunately common on any weezer recording bootleg or not)

- Butterfly was awful, at least for me, I could not hear the acoustic guitar at all.. to me it was just Rivers at a mic singing the song. And the effect on screen for that was a bit odd, still not sure how I feel about it.


I was not lucky enough to go to any Memories show, so this was a cool thing to buy. I think it's worth it, but it def isnt perfect. 

You can't hear Brian at all. At all. That really irritated me and it needs to be fixed before I buy another one. I thought the angles were great and there were plenty of good Rivers solo shots.

weird - it's not for sale anymore.  i'm sure it'll come back, perhaps they'll fix the issues with brians vocals not being heard.

i'm sure when it comes back i'll end up buying it.

You can actually hear Brian's vocals really well. It's his guitar that is inaudible which is much worse.
No word yet on why it's not in the store anymore.

Yeah, the only time you can hear Brian"s guitar is when Rivers is not playing. Even then there is still basically no sound coming out. It is very quiet. Otherwise I enjoyed it quite a bit for being a bootleg. And so everyone knows, Butterfly was quiet at the actual show as well. That does not make it any better, but thought I would throw that out there.

still not in the store.  perhaps they're fixing brians guitars

Someone ask!

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