I was just wondering if anyone else has had dreams about Weezer?

I've had a few- running into them at a restaurant and eating with them, having them play at my birthday party, and them coming to my graduation party. haha

I hope I'm not the only one xD

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jKlein said:

Oh s***. I just got this tonight in a fortune cookie...


jKlein said:

omg I was just telling Wilford, Stefan P'Pool and a couple others about a really really weird dream I had about Weezer a little over a month ago. It was insane. I wrote it in a blog on weezer but got bashful and set it to where only I could see it.

Since you asked and you're my facebook buddy and I like ya, I'll copy  paste my blog onto this. I'm warning you though, it's weird.. but every single person I've told it to have laughed their rears off.


Weird dream about a violent Rivers

So I had this bizarre dream last night.

It started off by me telling my best friend (who I'm going to the concert with) "Wow, that 5 hour trip to Chicago seemed to only take a couple minutes." she agreed and we decided to get out and stand in line. The thermometer said it was 8 degrees outside and it was snowing however I was not cold at all. The 4 hour wait in line seemed to fly as well. We got inside and walked down a huge hallway. A couple dudes passed us and were like "You guys aren't real weezer fans because you aren't wearing the glasses!" then they mumbled something and walked off. A little later one of them came back and asked my friend a question and it's no lie that she doesn't know much about the band... she's mainly going for me however she does like a lot of their songs... but the person almost had her kicked out because of it. It was insane. LOL

The good news was we had 2nd row seats (yes, seats.. even tho I know very well the Aragon doesn't have seats on the floor). I sat down and I put something on the seat to tell ppl it was spoken for. I told Julie I was going on a mission to find Rivers. So I just got up... got on the stage and walked to the back stage. LMAO (I would never freaking do that in real life, I'm such a loon in my dreams).. I walked everywhere and thought "Well maybe it was the door I originally walked by..." so I went back to it and sure enough. Then I had a weird moment of hey I'm on this side of the webshow haha... yea, I thought of that before I thought of Rivers. He wasn't even in the room. Then he comes out of the bathroom and has nothing but boxers on. I was like omg, so sorry!! He was like "Who the hell are you?" I responded nervously "Jessica... er umm.. jKlein on the weezer webite.. jakweez on your ustream... I had that photo of my son watching you on TV that you liked..." and I was shaking it was crazy. I wonder if I was really shaking in my sleep because that felt so real. Then he threw his 20lb weight at me and told me to get out. LMAO As I was running I saw a chair fly by before it hit the wall next to me.

So I went back to my seat and told Julie "Rivers totally hates me now.." and then the concert started shortly after I got back. Rivers came out to the audience and he was next to me singing "Memories" and at first he was dance/singing and he was looking at me but then he frowned and whacked me on across the head with his microphone. I turned around and told my friend "SEE. I TOLD YOU HE HATES ME!" then she responds with "Well maybe he doesn't like to be walked in on while he's getting dressed. Geez, JeJe" (We've called eachother JeJe and JuJu since we were 11)

Then he was like "MEMORIES... MAKE ME WANT TO BEAT jKLEINS ASS" and Scott came after me in this ninja move with his guitar and Pat was throwing his drum sticks at me. Brian just sat back and laughed. Karl eventually stopped them and told me to "sit in the back of the class" so I did. Then I realized after it was all said and done I didn't get one picture. LOL I guess if it were real I probably wouldn't want pictures of Rivers attacking me anyway haha!! I also remember thinking 'omg this is going to be on youtube tomorrow.' I woke up right after that. I was laying there like WTF. LOL

Man, Rivers, why you so violent in my dreams? LOL

I told Julie, who is going w/me, this dream and she's rolling on the floor laughing. My husband will probably just roll his eyes at me and say "I told you you've been watching their videos too much lately"... how much you wanna bet? LOL



I still crack up everytime I tell/think about/read this. It was the most interesting dream I've had in a long time and I haven't had one to beat it since.


BTW in that last part I said my husband would probably roll his eyes... uh.. no, he laughed his butt off too and randomly acts like he's going to hit me w/the TV remote or something going "MEMORIES!!!"

My dream is to just spend a whole day chillin' with them at my house, and then going to the mall or something with them. I don't know, they just seem like really chill people to hang out with
Karl looking at them angrily... that part cracked me up!
ahahaha, lucky! in my dreams, rivers never gave me his glasses, all he did was give me a hug

Dylan Thinnes said:

Alright, you're in for quite a trip:


So in this dream, I was at my school's gym. I opened the back door, and there was this huge grass area with a Hollywood Bowl-style stage. I then saw Rivers right behind me wearing a red lifejacket-type vest... I said "YO! RIVERS!" and he looked at me and said "hi" back and gave me a high five. While all this was going on, Brian, Pat, and Scott were all performing and Karl was on the side of the stage looking at them angrily, for some reason....... Rivers then signed my guitar (why I had my guitar with me at school, you may ask? Me and my friends jammed at lunch sometimes with acoustics) and gave me a free copy of the Blue Album, even though it's been out for 17 years..... so anyways, me, being a greedy little d-bag asked if I could have his glasses. And he gave me his glasses. I then woke up and swore a bunch and cried that it wasn't real. :p

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