Weezer demos that most deserved to be on an album.

There are a bunch, but I'll just go with High Up Above, Private Message, and Hey Domingo!

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Everybody Wants A Chance To Feel All Alone, Blast Off, and Devotion are all 5 star songs, in my opinion.

There are countless other demos that are more deserving to be on an album than songs that actually did make albums. I'd almost go as far as saying I like the B-Sides/Demos better than their albums, simply because of the consistent goodness of the B-Sides/Demos.

Sandwiches time, let's sew our pants together, mad kow, queen of earth
ditto that.

Paperface said:
My Brain Is Working Overtime, O Girl, Hey Domingo, High Up Above, Mad Kow, Prodigy Lover, Superstar, there's a lot.



Seriously, the fact that song wasn't recorded properly and stuck on the album is criminal.

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