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A trivia game could work well. For anyone who's interested, there are a number of ideas also being discussed on the Weezer Cruise Facebook pages. (Just incase you weren't aware).

Mandy said:
Thats a good one

Troublemaker said:
Ok, I'm not sure if anyone else has said it yet, but how 'bout a Weezer trivia contest/Jeopardy-style game?

karl koch [karlophone] said:

hey peeps! Im excited about this cruise, were gonna have a lot of fun! Id like to know if anyone has any cool ideas about activities that youd like to do or have happen during the cruise. Were cooking up some good stuff, but time and time again when ive asked you guys whats on your mind, you always seem to come up with neat stuff... so what do you think? name some activities (besides the actual rock shows, which will be plentiful and awesome), that would stoke you up....From the simple to the extravagant, lets brainstorm......

....And stay tuned, new details and cruise info is coming soon...

Don't laugh, but on the New Kids on the Block cruise (no, I'm not a fan, but my friend is lol), they actually had it set up so that the guys in NKOTB were the Jeopardy contestants. Ya'll can look it up on youtube if you want. Pretty damn funny. The questions were questions about their history, and stuff, and it was funny to see how much they did and didn't remember (and the joking and trash-talking was hilarious to watch.)

Just took a look at the schedule for the Weezer Cruise...and it looks like the Dinosaur Jr. guys will be working REALLY hard!!  So hard, in fact, that during their first performance, Lou Barlow will have to be cloned in order to perform the Sebadoh concert that's taking place AT THE SAME TIME.  Likewise, during their second performance, J Mascis will have to be cloned in order to perform his solo acoustic show AT THE SAME TIME.  Huh?!?  Methinks that the schedule might need to be reworked...


I do like the idea of "ugly sweater" night though!

Version 2 of the schedule will be up next week (or sooner) and all conflicts will be resolved. It's a work in progress - but we couldn't wait any longer to give you guys a peek :-)

Makes sense Jen, thanks for giving us a peek at the schedule, looks like it'll be a lot of fun.  It's good to know that an update is coming and the guys from Dinosaur Jr won't have to be sawed in half!


We would definitely clone them before we sawed them in half. :-) I hear cloning is much less painful.



Sixthman Jen, is it worth missing my exams to attend the weezer cruise?

Depends on how much of your grade comes from these exams, bro


Gohi said:

Depends on how much of your grade comes from these exams, bro

You've put her in an incredibly uncomfortable position bro (even more uncomfortable than the one that magician dude put you in)
Maybe Sixthman Jen can write your exam for you if you reserve a suite?

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