I have been wanting to go on the Weezer Cruise forever and I couldn't find anybody to go with me but hey, life is too short! I bit the bullet today and booked a cabin to share with my 63 year old mom, the only person who could travel with me. She has no idea who Weezer is but she's a lot of fun (let the =W= education begin)! Please tell me I'm not nuts for doing this. Anybody else traveling with a parent? Just curious!

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There's actually a few people traveling with parents-- and a few who did last time =). You're not nuts haha, it'll be awesome-- and the reality is, even if your mom doesn't want to be right in the midst of all the crazy rock shows-- all the regular cruise amenities are still available! And as I recall last time, there were a handful of "lifers"-- retired people who just hop on good value, last minute cruises living it up haha, so both you and your mom will be in good company! Glad you booked, it'll be a great time =w=!!!

Awesome! My husband bailed at the last minute due to a work scheduling conflict so I'm really sort of traveling alone -- would love to meet up with some folks on board (but I'm thinking it will be super easy to make friends since we all have a lot in common)! So excited to be going! Wooooo!

I'm 34. Will be there with my 53 year old husband and our two close friends...58 and 73.

Right on! After all, age is only a number! We will look for you guys on board!

e v e r y t h i n g w i l l b e o k a y l i t t l e b a b y

I really like this thread.

Your right, life is too short! I hope you had a great time with your mum and got to meet some other fans. I went alone to two shows in Bethleham and Huntington last year and left with about a dozen new friends.

Age is just a number.

Enjoyed talking to you and your mom, Louisa!  Hope to see you at a show soon!

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