Hi all,

This year's theme nights are:

Thursday February 13th - WEEZER BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Friday February 14th - Valentine's Masquerade Ball

Saturday February 15th - Death to False Metal Night

Sunday February 16th -  Superhero Night!

Anyone go last year?  If so, what was the participation rate for the theme nights?

I'm wondering if it is worth the effort of hauling dress-ups from Oz to the US given I'll be travelling around the US before and after the cruise.

Any help appreciated.



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A lot of people dressed up last time (maybe 75%?), but to varying degrees. Last times' themes were 80s Prom, Ugly sweater night and mustache night. So for the Prom, some people went all out-- hair teased out, vintage 80s dresses, all the crazy jewelry; while others just did a simpler dress or the tuxedo shirts etc. The Ugly sweaters, some people customized their own, while others bought Xmas sweaters from thrift stores. 

Still too, there were groups of fans that just dressed Weezer-y, outside of the "official" themes =) (people running around in custom =w= capes etc; there was a group of guys all in the Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz jerseys).

So, they'll be plenty of people dressed up this time too I'm sure! But don't feel the need to do every night if you're having to travel overseas, it's just supposed to be fun. There were people who just wore Weezer shirts throughout the entire cruise. Either way, it'll be good fun and you won't stand out or be judged whether you choose to or not =). 

Can you buy simple costumes and accessories on the ship? 

I don't think the stores onboard will have costume stuff; just regular Carnival cruise merch and whatever music-related merch the bands will have...

Goodwill is fun for costumey stuff...or any good thrift/consignment shops. I always raid local thrift stores for costumes/adding to costumes. And if nothing else, Ebay is great for cheaper stuff-- just watch out for the shipping time frame at this point!

Sanny Veloo said:

Can you buy simple costumes and accessories on the ship? 

I think I might go incognito most of the  cruise....

If anyone is looking for me I'll be the one with the mask :p 

I went last time and around 8 pm on is when you saw most people dressed up for the themed nights. I wouldn't spend a bunch of money....just make something with what you have or hit the thrift store 8)

Thanks Cherrie and Beezie.

Apologies for late reply (flat out getting work squared off so I can get away).

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