Woo-hoo! Just got the setlist song poll in my email! :)  Weezer cruise-goers, what non-Blue, non-Pinkerton songs do you want to hear live?  

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They should probably just play the whole Red album plus its bonus tracks. You Won't Get With Me Tonight, Tragic Girl, Lover In The Snow, Let's Sew Our Pants Together, Mykel and Carli, The Other Way, Smile. DONE! Oh, and LongTime Sunshine.  :)

What are the options?  Could someone post them here?  Sweeeeeet!!

Any song off any album except Pink and Blue (those are being played in their entirety anyway), and/or any of these b-sides/rarities:



Blast Off!

Brightening Day


Christmas Celebration

The Christmas Song

Cold and Damp

Crazy One


Getting Up and Leaving

High Up Above

I Do

I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams

I Swear It's True

I Was Made for You

I Was Scared



Let's Sew Our Pants Together

Longtime Sunshine

Lover in the Snow

Lullaby For Wayne

My Day is Coming


Oh Lisa


The Purification Of Water


Sugar Booger



Teenage Victory Song

Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me

Tragic Girl

Waiting On You

Walt Disney

Wanda, You're My Only Love

You Gave Your Love To Me Softly

You Won't Get With Me Tonight

All of Make Believe (especially the other way) - minus the singles, Greatest Man, Angel and the One, Miss Sweeney, Purification of Water, Tragic Girl, Waiting on You, Paperface, Walt Disney, Thief, You Won't Get with me Tonight, Teenage Victory Song, Cold and Damp and/or Crazy One, Superfriend, Lover in the Snow, Chess, Blast Off!, O Girlfriend, Photograph, Don't Let Go, Slave, Prettiest Girl, Mykel and Carli, Blowin My Stack and Turning up the Radio (only cuz I had a hand in that haha)...

those are my picks.


Waiting On You

I Was Scared


Walt effing Disney!

Mykel and Carli
Blast Off!
Crazy One
The Other Way
Knock Down Drag out
I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
Island In The Sun
Waiting On You
O Girl
Perfect Situation 

Beverly Hills
Heart Songs
Where's My Sex

God no.

LoveWeezer said:

They should probably just play the whole Red album 

I'm not gonna list all my 10s, but most of the Alone songs, most of the Pinkerton b-sides got that ranking.

The album with the most 1s was Death to False Metal. Blowing my Stack was a 10, though.

Blast Off!

I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams


You Won't Get with Me Tonight

Waiting on You


Longtime Sunshine

In that order... Along with a select few Pinkerton songs thrown in between...
:shifty eyes: 

But really, I'd go with those above, Paperface (seeing them go into uber-rock mode would be fun), Lover in the Sun (my favorite demo outside of SFTBH), and ALL of Maladroit. If I could only have three from there though, I'd go with American Gigolo, Burdnt Jamb, and Space Rock, since they'll more than likely get enough support for Dope Nose and Keep Fishin'.

I wouldn't mind some Green or lesser-played Red either (especially Don't Let Go from Green and Dreamin' from Red).

If you guys would kindly vote for "I Was Made for You", "Tragic Girl", "Waiting on You" and "Always" I would LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Also, the Red album has some songs that need to be played-- "Everybody Get Dangerous" for sure, and pretty much anything they've never played live, ESPECIALLY HURLEY STUFF!

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