I'm coming over from Australia on my own for this cruise and don't really expect to find a room mate in such short time but i was hoping to find some friends before the cruise so I'm not hanging out on my own. Sounds sad but whats sadder is none of my friends can afford to go but I'm so committed I'm going regardless. 


If anyone else is going to be in the same boat (excuse the pun) let me know and we can be buddies.


Ray Ray.


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Hi rayray, I'm also from Australia and am looking at going on this cruise (finances permitting). I would suggest dropping into chat sometime, it's a good way to get to know other boardies.

hi there


there's already a thread for people who are going on the cruise to meet with other cruisers/potential room-mates: http://weezer.com/forum/topics/weezer-cruise-cabinmate


you might get more replies if you post in that thread and/or reply to others' posts in that thread. also, as danielle says, coming into chat is a good way to get to know boardies, too. as such, i'm gonna lock this thread in an attempt to keep replies to one thread.


good luck!


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