WEEZER CRUISE DIARY & PICS in BackstageRider.com, NME and Consequence of Sound

Hey friends,

Rather than spam piece by piece, I was waiting until all my writing/pieces were done but just wanted to share all the stuffs I posted on my own music magazine, backstagerider.com, in the NME and Consequence of Sound, about the Weezer Cruise. There's a ton of pics in all, hope you enjoy! 

My four-part epic diary in pictures/words on BackstageRider.com:





In the NME: 


In Consequence of Sound:


Hope you dig :) 

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Hey. Fun write-up. Unfortunately half of the pics in the articles aren't loading for me. Maybe it's just me.

Thanks Gohi - weird about the pics! I've just checked and they seem to work on Chrome, IE and Firefox - for me, anyway!

Sorry about that. Was just the ol iPad. Yeah with the pictures and your unique perspective, the BackstageRider article is probably my favorite write-up of the cruise (besides my own, of course :p). I like that it doesn't come from a hadcore Weezer fan's perspective which makes the kind words written about the band all the cooler to read. Thanks for posting.

Awww, that's really sweet of you to say, thank you! Yeah, I tried to spread the love around...and my liver :) 

you tried to spread your liver around?

Yup - there was a lot of drinking that needed doing.

eye spy with my little eye me and my crew I was hanging with in a few of these pics (way in the back).  It was interesting reading another person's experience on the boat, since it was like seeing a whole other vacation in a way.  I got to see some of the things I didn't attend or missed (like the wine tasting event, etc.) but then I see where your experiences intersected with my own... it was cool.

I miss that cruise!

Thanks Daniel! Yeah, I found it really interesting to read everyones' take on it, cos there was just so much to do and so little time to do it all...I miss it as well BIGTIME :)

Thanks for sharing your blog with us Mikala. Hopefully we can catch up some day at another music festival/ event.

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