anyone in CT want to start a cover band?

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I've always wanted to be in a Weezer cover band because I know nearly all of their songs on bass and I love playing them!, but I live in London lol

Hey Chris,

I'd put up a listing on Craigslist. It will get you quicker results than asking this here.

I started a Weezer cover band in NOLA last year. I met the guys on craigslist, so I was really worried about it, but they turned out to be pretty awesome. 

Which part of CT?

south central / new haven

i live in new haven county 

To far for me. Sorry. 

ahh, where about do you live?

Fairfield here.... although I'm in school in Virginia most of the year.

Joe - what is your progress in school?

In Jr. year.  Out of school in the middle of May and back in the middle of August.

Joe- what instruments do you play?

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