There is a rumour going around here (New Zealand) that Weezer will be coming to the Big Day Out in Jan 2011, in Auckland and in Sydney? Australia.

Can anyone confirm this? If true I will be an extacic fan, I have been waiting as long as I can remember for Weezer to come to this part of the world, If not true, Weezer come to NZ, it's awesome here!

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Already been confirmed by Rivers himself on the old forum as being false. It didn't fit in with their schedule. But they did "almost sign" on for it.
ive been wanting them to come to Aus for years, but not as part of a crappy festival.. both soundwave and BDO are filled with other bands who arent good.. and they sell super fast... a weezer tour in newcastle would be great
Thanks Guys for the quick resposes. I thought it might be too good to be true, Wishful thinking. I do agree that they should come on a weezer tour, not a festival so we dont have to put up with that other crap. Cheers, Dean.

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