Just before I was married last week, I sort of unofficially dedicated "Island in the sun" to my then fiance.
I hummed it as I was shaving the morning we left for Vegas and when we were dancing in the Chicago terminal while waiting for the jet to Vegas.
After we were married at a little cheesy chapel downtown we went back to the strip to run around and gamble a bit. On the overpass from Caesar's to the Flamingo a busker named Wesley was strumming away.
As we approached, we could hear that he was playing "Island in the sun."
He didn't know the words but did know the chords (capo @ 3rd fret). He said "If you're going to stand and watch, you have to sing!" So, we did. He knew the chords and we knew the words.
It helped his haul since passersby saw us singing with him and dropped some coin for him. I left him a handful of cash too.

It was a very cool cosmic coincidence that might have been the best highlight of our trip to Vegas, aside from getting hitched.

Ever have a Weezer related coincidence?

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As I was reading this the news anchor said "Say It Ain't So".

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