I was wondering if anybody knows of a site that has the chords/tabs for the Weezer Christmas album EP. It would be greatly appreciated.


'Tis the season and I would love to rock out Weezer style for the holidays.


Thanks in advance.

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Try Ultimiteguitar.com or songsterr.com

Bolshi said:
Try Ultimiteguitar.com or songsterr.com

They don't have it. Thanks anyway.
Use your ear.

If i could "use my ear" would i have asked? I only play guitar as a hobby occasionally and don't play enough to "use my ear". I probally could go chord for chord (of the ones i know) and stop and pause and take numerous hours figuring it out. Was hoping somebody else already had it though. Working 3rd shift and having 3 young children make it hard to find time. Thanks anyway.

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