I think Weezer should have a autograph signing tour at least in the main cities in the US. It gives fans a chance to meet them. Many of us have never had that opportunity and it would be a dream come true :) I think they should go to LA, NY, Chicago, Austin Texas, and somewhere in the middle of the US. What do u guys think? You think this would be sucessful?

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yeah exactly like this!!!! I dont live in California so that is why they should tour. I actually saw a video of this best buy album signing. Those people were soooo lucky.

Teresa said:

You mean something like this?



They had 3 of these in SoCal for the Raditude album.  One by the beach, one in L.A., and they even came inland for those of us who don't live near the beach or L.A.  I thought that was pretty cool.  And yeah, I wish they would do it again.



In store signing are s***. They put on a fake smile and sign your cd thats it. 

Go outside after a show and meet them, you'll at least get to talk. Or try to win/buy a meet and greet. Those are alweays good. 

In oak cliff, TX !!!! (Dallas)
Those signings sure didn't help Raditude out much...

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