I missed out on the first wave of sold tickets, so I figured I'd wait it out and see what popped up on ebay and stubhub later.


What really shocked me today was that half the seats in the place aren't sold.  Literally half (you can see what seats are still available and pick your individual seats at the livenation ticket sale thing).  Then I saw the prices and I wasn't so shocked anymore.   $106 for anything in the front two-thirds, and $77 for the rest.  You can sit on the lawn for $25 each if you buy 4 tickets, which might be the way to go, except the lawn is pretty far back.


I haven't been at the venue in over a decade, but I gotta figure if I buy lawn seats, there's ample opportunity to move down into the half-empty seated area at some point.  Anyone have experience with this at the PNC Arts Center?

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I agree....I liked these two venues because the crowd is in control and you don't have to fear mosh pits, crowd surfers or drunk people. Alcohol is a NO...you are lucky if you can get a water bottle in.

Naota25 said:
PNC Lawn is great just to hang and enjoy the show, but ill be up in the 5th row. Its rare that I get a chance to watch weezer in complete rock out peace mode, not worrying about a bunch of little punks trying to mosh during "Pork and Beans" is worth the extra price any day. Enjoy the show everyone I will!
While were on the discussion of the Holmdel/NY show, considering Weezer is opening for The Flaming Lips (to paraphrase SPIN) how do you think Weezer is going to play?
I think weezer needs to go big at PNC/Jones due to the fact they are opening for THE FLAMING LIPS! I mean really these guys will make you forget about any band that opens for them. So with that said weezer needs their A game, I would hope all of Blue gets played and some B sides. Maybe if they get some balls back and play Fall together or King that would be epic.
It doesn't matter which of the two venues you go to....they're gonna be fantastic!  I'm going to the beach myself.
Weezer is not really opening.....Flaming Lips and Weezer are playing the same amount of songs (but weezer is going first)
Are they really?  I assumed all that "opening" talk was a joke.  Are the Flaming Lips really on the same level as Weezer???
nope not on the same level, apparently they're at least 1 step above

Nate said:
Are they really?  I assumed all that "opening" talk was a joke.  Are the Flaming Lips really on the same level as Weezer???

Maybe in Europe, but here the Flaming Lips are like a cult band.  I'm being serious; not trying to put them down because I actually like their music, but as far as popularity in the US, they're almost unknown these days.   They had one hit song back in like, 1993, and besides that have been totally, totally, underground.


Meanwhile Weezer is extremely well-known for a body of work that is now about 17 years long.  It's not even close.  I'm happy I'll get to see both bands play a full set, but I'm very surprised that Weezer is letting FL close the show.

flaming lips are the better band, so it all makes sense.

Certainly a matter of opinion.  Some folks like Weezer better, some the Lips, and that's fine.


What's weird is that usually the "bigger" act, regardless of who thinks who is the "better band", usually doesn't open for the smaller band.  Just a surprise, that's all.

i'd say they have a bigger following than weezer these days.


regardless, the reason that the flaming lips are playing last, at least according to karl, is due to their propensity to make a mess of the stage with confetti and streamers and whatnot.

The message that Karl posted said that weezer and the flaming lips are playing the SAME set list and Yeasayer is opening....but Weezer is first. I also emailed Karl and he said that they are playing the same set list which is about 20 or so songs each.

Nate said:
Are they really?  I assumed all that "opening" talk was a joke.  Are the Flaming Lips really on the same level as Weezer???

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