I missed out on the first wave of sold tickets, so I figured I'd wait it out and see what popped up on ebay and stubhub later.


What really shocked me today was that half the seats in the place aren't sold.  Literally half (you can see what seats are still available and pick your individual seats at the livenation ticket sale thing).  Then I saw the prices and I wasn't so shocked anymore.   $106 for anything in the front two-thirds, and $77 for the rest.  You can sit on the lawn for $25 each if you buy 4 tickets, which might be the way to go, except the lawn is pretty far back.


I haven't been at the venue in over a decade, but I gotta figure if I buy lawn seats, there's ample opportunity to move down into the half-empty seated area at some point.  Anyone have experience with this at the PNC Arts Center?

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I never been there but why dont you go to Jones Beach NY....they r gunna b there the next day and its an actually waterfront outside stadium....most of the front sections are sold out (there may b a few random seats) but the rest of the stadium has a lot of room. The stadium goes upwards so you can see from every direction. The prices are pretty much the same though
Jones tickets are the same price. I actually have a good single seat that I'm selling for face, but yeah it's $106. Really, really sucks. It's worth noting that it is impossible to move up in Jones.
where is your seat located?? exactly

orch b row w seat 13


note: this is for jones beach. I don't know much about PNC, but i doubt you can easily get down from lawn to seats.

there is a row w??? are you in the very very very front? i mapped it on live nation and there isnt a row w (unless it is soo far up that its only for VIP)
I have 2 6th row center orchestra tix I'm selling for PNC, but yes, this is an expensive show.  I paid over $100 for them.  Haven't been to PNC in years, but I'm sure security is tight as far as getting up front.  Maybe they're extra expensive since it's a double headline show w/Flaming Lips?
Ali, Is Flaming Lips still on for Jones Beach then?  On Stubhub they are not listed for that show anymore.  Just curious. They are listed on my PNC tix too, have never seen them live before.  

Ali [mutantmanifesto] said:

They are, for both. Stubhub for some reason isn't listing them! dunno why, yo.


ps somebody buy my ticket

I've been there twice. Unless you're close enough to wipe the sweat off of Rivers glasses you might as well get the lawn tickets.

Jones Beach is as bad if not worse, cause they don't even have a lawn.

I'm not going to Jones Beach because it would take me 2 hours+ to get there (on a summer weekend, probably way more), and PNC is like 20 minutes for me.


Haven't bought a ticket yet but I need 2.  Still leaning towards the lawn.  Probably more fun there anyway.  Hard to jump around when you're in the seats, I would think.  I'm surprised they chose this venue, as there's some great GA alternatives nearby.  Maybe their management is regretting that decision considering how many of the tickets are still unsold.



PNC Lawn is great just to hang and enjoy the show, but ill be up in the 5th row. Its rare that I get a chance to watch weezer in complete rock out peace mode, not worrying about a bunch of little punks trying to mosh during "Pork and Beans" is worth the extra price any day. Enjoy the show everyone I will!

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