I've realized there's boardies out there with some real art talent that should be recognized.


Infact the artwork they do are usually far more interesting than what turns out to be the cover art half the time.

From Headcheese and his Homie artwork


to this awesome artwork by joebot


Sftbh -




Imagine getting cool artwork like those as a weezer album.

Post what you've found.

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This is great danielle! =w=

Amanda McKittenmitten said:
i love this!

Danielle said:

I created this colouring-in page for some of the kids at the children's library where I work.

It's very simple, but was fun to do.


Thanks Zachary!
there are really some great artwork here you guyz r seriously talented. kudos.

Just came across this older thread randomly, lots of awesome.

Agreed on this =D! Love it. It should totally be a shirt at least. Mada, has your son done any more? How old is he?

PUPPIES! said:

This would be such a sick album cover! This is for sure my favorite!

Mada said:

My son draws several of these every week. Brian is always rocking the Explorer and I think that's Karl on synth at the far right. Nothing like youthful obsession, huh?

This is my own little rendition of The Blue Album:
I did this last May for the album's 17th anniversary. Also because I was bored during a double English lesson. In case you don't get it, Pat is Undone, Rivers is Buddy Holly, Matt is Only In Dreams, and Brian is Surf Wax America. I know it could be improved quite a bit, but I'm quite proud of it. So much so that I might do a similar thing with Green and Red.

Here's another doodle I did, relating to Mad Kow. Excuse the blue pen, that was my douchey best friend:

I also did a sort of sequel to this in a Biology lesson. The thought bubble says "I'm still lost..." and the caption is "Intergalactose":

And, finally, the obligatory Flying W's:

Still my favorite weezer theme pic I've done

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