Hey everybody, 

yesterday i checked out the australian and NZ dates weezer are gonna play and found out that all of them are huge arenas. As i am extremely happy for the band that they seem to be sure to fill these massive arenas i am not really sure if that's gonna happen. don't get me wrong, i'm not from australia or NZ and don't know a lot about the music biz there, but since weezer haven't been touring there for 16 years or so it's quite a challenge to bring up to 15.000 people to these shows at every gig. i also don't know how present weezer have been to local radio stations and if there fan base stayed that big over all these years. of course there are quite some die hard fans down there but sooooo many? i'm really not sure...

what do you think, are they gonna fill these arenas? i really wish they will so they will have an awesome time in these wonderful countries!!!

max :)

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yeah i think they will fill.. and fast.

Reason - time and the legacy of the first few LP's

and they have been rumored to come here since.. 2001!

now alot of top albums from the 90's list have been done in the last few years. you will see blue and pinkerton feature alot. Plus weezer have always had great support in australia. Green album did really well and they have always had solid radio airplay to this day.

you can just tell to from the overall positive response from the country. the only tour that would match the amount of hype its getting is the radiohead one in November.

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