Weezer and the Flaming Lips BREAKING NEWS....NY and NJ!!

So weezer is coming to ny n nj playing wt the Flaming lips at the end of the month. The original idea was that weezer plays first then flaming list. now there is news that both are playing together back to back. A couple of weezer songs then a couple of flaming lips and a couple of weezer and so on. How do you feel about this new news?


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Sounds like a fun idea. East coasters are pretty lucky. I think I get Weezer at Riotfest in October.
i kinda feel the same way....but i guess its cool we get to at least see them..

WeezerSituation said:
Am i the only one who's  going that's not excited at all for this? As long as we get enough =W= then I'm down.

How about a "Kids" cover (both bands have covered it before)

Can they actually crowd surf in the bubbles being that both venues are seated?
nj is all seated, but ny has a pit in front. both shows are gonna be great. driving down from MA for both. cant wait!
I would rather weezer play a full set and the lips come on with them at the end for a couple songs before the lips set. it may be stange switching off all night. how are they going to do that with their instruments and drum kits etc? This doesn't sound very plausible and I am wondering the validity of this actually happening

Every time I've ever been to Jones Beach for a concert (quite a few times) almost nobody is sitting - especially near the stage.


I have photos of the special dual rainbow, band stage entrances being planned with Wayne Coyne's intro sketch and more at http://psychexfutureheart.wordpress.com/2011collaborations/lipsweezer/


Wayne is without a doubt planning to come on in his space bubble.  The question is how will Rivers come on.  You can't really tell from Wayne's sketch.  It looks like a space rocket...or maybe a snuggie... not sure what it is...


But whatever it is, Rivers is inside something for his stage entrance in the sketch plan.


I'm going to both shows. Can't wait. I'll be tweeting updates all this week from http://twitter.com/FutureHeartDay


Jamie Theurich said:

Can they actually crowd surf in the bubbles being that both venues are seated?

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