This album came so close to reality that it's very easy to imagine what it would have been like, and indeed we can be pretty sure of a track list. I imagine if it hadn't been abandoned it would have been released in 1997, though I'm not sure who would have recorded it with Rivers. I'm sticking to the 10 track formula here as I personally feel this album would be best left short and sweet.


Autumn in Jayne
American Girls
Hey My Darlin'
Fun Time
Wanda, You're My Only Love
Sheila Can Do (it)
Sunshine O
Hot Tub
I'll Think About You
Longtime Sunshine

Not much needed here really. All these songs were played at Homie shows and the rehearsal tape that was made reflected these choices for the most part. In addition to that, we have a properly recorded American Girls which pretty much guarantees it's inclusion. The only point of debate here could be my inclusion of Fun Time and exclusion of Stay Here and Never You Mind. This is just personal preference. I love Fun Time and don't know Never You Mind. I excluded Stay Here just to keep the ten tracks: I really feel an album like this is better with less tracks. You could add stay here and Never you Mind to the mix, but I like to think of them as American Girl B-Sides :).

I think this album may have got a mixed reception. Coming straight after Pinkerton, it's fun, tongue in cheek nature may have been a bit jarring and probably not what people were expecting from weezer at all. Then again, people may have felt this was a return to the easy nature of Blue. Personally, I think diversity like this is what can make a band really special. To me, and I'm sure to a lot of fans, the quality of the songs would have silenced any worry. I LOVE every track here and I think as an album this would be beyond great. Imagining these songs with Blue album-esque production is unreal. Although it's more to do with my personal preference, I feel this album could have been my favourite thing Weezer had done if done well.

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