Does anyone know if this is available online anywhere? 



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I was initially reluctant to pose this question through fear of some smart ass being a smart ass about it.


I hope you feel good about yourself

I'm not sure if you were aiming to put me into a guilt trip, but really, I was being helpful by doing that.  If you saw the video search, there were a few clips from the performance.


Now, maybe I could have come forward with an actual source of where you could find it, but really all that really would take me is Googling it for you.  It would only mean that I had the patience to actually go through with it.  And judging by the lack of response to this thread (it was 2 hours ago that I responded) at least I went out of my way to help a little bit, although I was being a smart ass.  I'll admit that. :)

I actually tried Google before I came here and to no avail. I'm looking for the concert in it's entirety.


 I thought it wasn't an unreasonable request considering this is meant to be a fan site .......

Do you have palladia? If so, look for it on TV. It's on about 2 times a month. If you don't have palladia, JUST GOOGLE IT.  If that doesn't work, bing it. If that doesn't work, too bad for you. 
What is Bing?
Dude. Just go on Palladia, they air it all the time.

Skye Hughes said:
What is Bing?

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