So i was wondering two things, one, if you've watched the new webisode, what do ya think of it?

its here if you haven't:


and #2, in general, what sort of things do you like to see in weez webisodes and videos, and what would you like to see, or see more of in the in future?

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I watched this earlier and I loved it.

Honestly I love the webisodes and don't really even care if they're singing the ABC's... they're always entertaining!

I'd like to see more of the songwriting process. Something like hearing Rivers describe a song he's working on that he's really proud of appeals to me.


Also, I want to see more magic tricks!

This is great stuff karl. More videos like "Saction" please

Hey Karl! Thanks for the opportunity to input ideas.

Regarding the webisode above, it is always interesting to me to hear songs in rehearsal. I like to hear the varying interpretations of songs. I enjoy the fact that it was shot (mostly) in black and white, which is a little different.

Regarding webisodes in general...

I enjoy seeing the behind the scenes kind of stuff. I'm interested in what goes into making a performance or a recording. I find the technical processes interesting. That's something that most mainstream media neglects since the focus is on celebrity and such. Of course it is always fun to share in the good sense of humour and personalities of the band too.


Oh and I also like the new look of the website, with the change in colours. It looks just that little bit brighter.

hey Karl,

I really enjoyed the webisode. The love of my dreams is one of my favorite songs and it's interesting to see how the band practices their songs. I like the atmosphere in the video, everyone is happy and relaxed it seems. 

I really like to see in the webisodes how the songs are made. I've always been interested in the song writing process of bands and its cool to see behind the scenes stuff as Danielle said.

"I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams" is one of my favorite tracks too. It was cool to see a little more of Rachel.  I think  webisodes that delve a little more into the creative process behind a certain song, video or project would be well-received by fans.  Thanks for asking.
I like to see them performing songs like this. It would also be cool if you showed them going through their equipment or maybe seeing Mikey and Matt.

Hey Karl, I thought the webisode was great. It's always cool to see the band rehearsing.

I would say my favorite webisodes are just that, rehearsals and practices.

It gives a lot of insight as to how the band operates behind the scenes, and is always fascinating.

I have really enjoyed the webisodes ever since the "one-a-day" format from that bloggle(?) promotion. They've been a nice way to show some of the interesting behind the scenes happenings of the band.


What I like about this one is it's quick and concise, and yet we get to see two different rehearsals for this amazing b-side.

this webisode was just "ok".  We've already seen Rachel play and sing that song many times.  Was this for rehearsal of the Memories tour, or something new they are doing?


If it was rehearsal for the memories tour, then it should have come out during the memories tour.  If it's for something new, then we should either be informed about what's coming up, or at least teased about something up coming.


Most of the webisodes I think are random and abstract, which is sometimes cool, but usually non-sense.  Telling a story about an event would be nice for a change.  Being goofy is funny and all, but it'd be nice to see a webisode that dives into the =w= world and tells us something we don't know.


Do you have anymore footage like the Cobo Challenge?  That was a great one.

It was for Memories tour... hence going to 1/21, the day they played "I Just Threw Out..."
I liked this webisode! My favorite things to see in them are the candid moments that show that the guys in Weezer are doing things outside of the music as well. Behind the scenes of music videos, thoughts about things coming up, etc.

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