Seriously, I hope the new album has some intense drumming from Pat.  His drumming on Pinkerton is some of the best I've heard, and it'd be nice to hear more of his skillzzz,







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Totally agree- his drumming is what has given Weezer their feel in the past, and fair play, Josh is an insane drummer, but it's like when the Heartbreakers tried to replace Stan Lynch - it just don't feel right unless he's playing drums.....


The above video was shared between folks on Twitter today.





absolutely agree. his drum introduces classics like undone and el scorcho. his fills make a good majority of blue and pink work as good as they do. its really sad that with green rivers made everyone play as straight as possible. his fills (as well as the nice touches brian and Mikey surely could have lent those songs) was sorely missed. i dont think weezer has ever really recovered. i would LOVE some more pat. it's great listening to stuff from the hiatus and SS2K that show pat still being an absolute madman. check out EVERYTHING he does on O Girl. he takes that song to a new level. i miss the energy, the fills! his sound is so crucial to weezer, bring it back!


And let's not forget that the 50 song project was him and cuomo, i'd love some more song writing out of Pat. there's just so something so special and good about it.....

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