the hubster and i have been talking about moving to a major city, or the suburb of one... hopefully for better work opportunities and better housing prices...


where do you guys live? and do you think we should check it out?



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Stay away. The weather sucks and the people are uptight.

thanks. i appreciate your honesty...
The honest part of me won out over the selfish part
NYC, there might be more work opportunities, but the housing kind of high
do you like living there? pros and cons plz. what's the weather like?

Šupak said:
NYC, there might be more work opportunities, but the housing kind of high

the city itself is pretty awesome, there are plenty of things to do every day. Most of the people are pretty nice, but there are the occasional crazies on the subway. mind you the subway is the easiest and cheapest way to get around, so hopefully you're not a germophobe.


the weather kind of sucks. freakin cold in the winter, and way too hot and humid in the summer. Spring and Fall are the best, but they don't seem to last that long.

where is this? zip code?

Peggy said:
Inland Empire of Socal....NICE! Bring your swimsuit, your saddle, and prepare to take LOTS of dirt cleansing baths lolz.... Great place to raise kids if you got a few acres for them to ride around on, SAFE, and I hear the teachers here really ROCK!!  Good luck to you guys!


















...or not.

Property taxes are outrageous in most of New England.

i live near Washington D.C. and i would not recommend. 

expensive cost of living/horrible traffic on anything that connects to the beltway/over-populated

granted DC is nice and there is a lot going gets old fast. 

Barrow, england

It is a beautifull place......
That's funny.

Sgt. "Bad Attitude" Lurkom said:

Sunderland, UK


I assure you it's a lovely place with lovely people.

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