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I decided to get this one instead. It's cheaper...and I'm on 'Team Jacob' anyway.
Thread topics are automatically formatted in caps. I didn't type it that way.
No, thank you, red wine for me only...
time to get some equity from my house :-)
dam, didnt see that one
i made a $0.99 offer. we'll see if it pans out for me....
This is a terrific find. Who knew you could get one of these spells for such a great price!
I've already got one.
So I looked into this for you case you were wondering how it works.

Dear ambroselamia,

How can you be sure to direct the spell at me? I am on the other side of the country. Would you need a personal item of mine or something?

- blakesp26
Dear blakesp26,

Magic goes by energy, distance has nothing to do with spell casting.

- ambroselamia
Dear ambroselamia,

But how do you direct the energy directly towards me and not someone else (a neighbor or roommate)?

- blakesp26
Dear blakesp26,

Your full name, DOB and a picture is all i would need and then the magic is the rest. its hard to explain how it works. it just does some how.

- ambroselamia

So there you have just does somehow.
Oh, and she may need your social security number, passport, and credit card number as well. It's hard to explain how it works.

it was 100% worth saving up for.......................i went for this one

























i didn't really.




Question One: Doesn't another member of the undead need to drain you to near death and make drink his blood to become a member of the Undead?

Question Two: How do you plan on testing this spell to see if it worked?


Suggestion One: When the spell has been completed, shoot yourself. If it didn't work, you won't need a refund.
Suggestion Two: Get two copies of the spell. Find a homeless man, knock him out. (this part is key. you don't want a conscious member of the undead in your room, or where ever you decide to do this at.) If it works stab the homeless vampire in the heart. (The homeless are disgusting as it is, we don't need them around forever.) Use the spell on yourself. Enjoy being a vampire.

"Children of the Night throw your hands up in the air."

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