Does anyone else here have bipolar disorder?

I was officially diagnosed 2 weeks ago with schizoaffective (long time coming) and I'm dreading the medication but have finally decided to start it soon.

Just wanting to see if anyone here can relate?

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if-i-were-an-orange said:

you are a magnificent representation of your generation

Awww... thanks Dr. Berry!

berry_rydell [berry_rydell] said:

you are great at math(s). and life.

Jumpin on the floor (natkat) said:

Dr. Stevenson Alderworst + not working on his own issues + placing the blame on others = 0


a great man wrote that without any university experience.

a great thinker once said:

Stevenson Alderworst...I don't believe I'm familiar. Is he that one who makes all the girls extremely wet, constantly, and not via super-soaker? If that's the one, then I say he's a real stand-up Chap!

-Art Vandelay head hurts........:/

Wishiniwasthegirlofstevensonalderworst said: head hurts........:/ wish.....

actually, you do..

Wishiniwasthegirlofalderworstsaid: wish.....

But, not for Stevenson Alderworst (just came)

Oh, Noooo, I'm so sorry. It's the MOOPS. The correct answer is, The MOOPS

WishiniwasStevensonAlderworst(justcame)'sgirl said:

But, not for Rivers (tired of sex)

You guys... I think something strange is happening to me. I'll know more on this later, but I think I'm changing you guys. Call it puberty, maturity, I don't know yet... more on this developing story later. Strange things are happening.

-just came

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