To all fans, here's a =w= tribute video game: Have fun!

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Do I have to install "Unity Web Player" in order to play this? That sounds sketchy as heck.


Yes, unity web player needs to be installed. But it's a very small plugin only. Enjoy the game!

It's like doodle jump, but with team weezer to play with. You can also create the next weezer cover, customize your favorite band member, etc... And it's free2play. Have fun!

I played it, it was actually pretty funny with all the album references haha.

Thanks! Indeed, there are 10 levels and each level refers to an album. And lots of funny =w= bonus items to collect. (see below).


i installed the plugin and my computer crashed. you owe me a new computer.

Sorry to hear that, but it's impossible that unity crashed your computer. Unity is a leading gaming technology  (see, it's comparable to Flash. In some cases, older computers may not support it, but it will surely not damage your computer. Please try to reinstall, the gaming fun is worth another try. You'll experience the best performance if you only have a single browser window opened in which you play the game. Good luck!

i would try to reinstall if my computer worked. you'll be hearing from my lawyer.

You've got a lawyer? Mine is waiting...

big baby jesus said:

i would try to reinstall if my computer worked. you'll be hearing from my lawyer.

To all real fans, please give the game a try. This so called fan above is just negative as most of his posts are. 

The game really is entertaining and we've put almost a year of our free time in it. It's full of weezer references.

Kind of doodle jump mixed with team weezer. Every weezer fan will have real fun for many hours. Enjoy it! 

You can choose your favorite band member and customize him:

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