Who watched it? What are your comments? I liked it. 

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Song-wise. I don't think anyone is in a position to complain about the video quality.
ahahaha i know what you mean!

jKlein said:

I watched it :)

It was nice to hear Rivers tell the stories himself. It was SO funny because like for instance there was a part where Rivers was talking about where he wrote a bunch of songs before they even rehearsed for the first time and I go "He's talking about his 50 song project.." and then Rivers goes "I wanted to write 50 songs" and I just looked at my husband and said "See??" and there was another time where that dude asked him how old he was when he got his first guitar and I was like "14!!!" like I was on a game show or something.. LMAO.. my husband was making fun of me... and I even knew about the whole Japan thing so yea, I knew pretty much everything Rivers talked about it but it was nice to hear it coming straight from him... like it was validation.


All in all, I loved the show... just wish it was a lot longer.. when it was over I was like "Already??" 


I do agree with Michael that Rivers didn't sound as open as normal.

Michael Rowland (Gohi) said:

Thought the performances were great but Rivers' voice seemed a little less open than it could have been. Sounded like he wasn't warmed up or something. I LOVED the way they mixed his guitar leads. Sounded tasty as f***.



Tasty as f*** is right. Although, I'm fairly sure that the reason that his voice sounded different was because he was auto-tuned. You can especially tell when he's singing "Do you believe what I sing now?" in The World Has Turned. It made his voice sound a little saccharine, which wasn't bad, but I think that I prefer him raw and unfinished. ("Prefer" may not be quite strong enough language; his voice drives me a little wild.) I'd rather him be a little flat sometimes and get to hear all of his vocal expression than to hear him processed like that, but I guess it does make for a slicker presentation. He did warm up after "Tired of Sex," which I felt lacked a little energy. 


Other thoughts: 


--->I was thrilled to get to hear Rivers interviewed, since I haven't heard him discuss a lot of this before (where do you guys here get your info? I'm beginning to think that I'm bad at the internet, and I design websites...)


I was really impressed by his candor, especially regarding his experiences with Pinkerton. (BTW: didn't know that The Pinkerton Diaries was coming out! I can't wait.)  I heard him say that he felt like the "failure" of Pinkerton was his fault because he'd made a self-centered album. On the contrary, I would say that its self-centeredness is its saving grace. From an article


That an album so lean and viciously antisocial could earn such a cult is evidence of that particular magic that transpires when an artist articulates something—nice or not—that serves as some kind of safety valve for an audience he probably never even imagined. Given the success of the relatively sweet-hearted Blue Album, there's no reason Cuomo could have banked on something like Pinkerton. But it turned out that his most selfish gesture was also his most oddly Christ-like one:Pinkerton bears the sins of his frustrated and confused fans.


I think that about nails it for me. Pinkerton is pure catharsis. I think that it took a lot of courage to put out something so naked, and to be so vulnerable in front of the entire world. I'd like to see more of that courage in their upcoming albums, and less worries about what's going to sell. The world needs albums like Pinkerton. I need albums like Pinkerton. I wouldn't call Pinkerton "selfish" at all. I think that one of the loftiest goals of human existence is the quest for being, identity, and truth. Pinkerton allows us to journey along with Rivers on his own quest, and it makes ours seem much more bearable, and a lot less lonely. It reminds me a lot of The Wall, actually. 



--->Can we please have guitar solos on every single Weezer song from now on? They are just delicious. Rivers once commented in an article that he didn't even know if he'd write music if it weren't for girls. Well, girls dig those guitar solos, in a serious way. Keep them coming! I especially loved the shots of Rivers' face while he was playing the solos. He gets such a sweet expression some times. One of my favorite parts of live performances has always been watching the artist's face. 


--->Unspoken is a great song, but it is not as phenomenal when it's played in acoustic. Drums/bass/electric guitars, pretty please? 


--->Rivers mentioned that during Make Believe, they tried to erase a lot of the irony from Weezer. Why?!?! If people don't get it, they don't get it. Greek playwrights made superb use of tragedy and catharsis (and hubris--which we also get a good dose of in Pinkerton) in their works, and we hail them as brilliant, insightful, and timeless. In fact, we've dubbed them "the classics." When someone in the modern age wields those elements--and wields them very well, I might add--we try to purge them to make the music more palatable and commercially friendly.

Rivers, I hope you don't ever lose that part of yourself in order to become more "relatable." Any relation that your fans are going to have to you will be much stronger if you're being true to yourself, and your experiences. Pinkerton took us all aback, but we came around. We needed you to show us how to get there.


All right, I have more thoughts, but I have a tendency to make posts that are too long, so I'll save it, for now. 



It was awesome. I believe it is airing again sometime this week for those who missed it the first time around.
It is but I can't remember when... uggh! I am thinking tomorrow?

It was awesome. I believe it is airing again sometime this week for those who missed it the first time around.
Yeah at like 3 in the afternoon and again at 11 pm I think.
weezer woman: I didn't notice it but I think you're right. Still, I think the guy sounds pretty dang tired and out of sorts for a lot of it. Without the auto-tune I think it would still pale in comparison to his Memories tour performances which have been virtually flawless.
it really was.... I was sooo happy to see so many songs from pinkerton, it was nice to have a recorded version to even hearken my memories from the Memories tour shows... :) But I loved the whole thing, it was truly excellent.

sarah leeper said:
dude, it was epic.

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