I posted this awhile back on ATW, but I thought I'd share on here too.  Me and my girlfriend Ali were in LA a few weeks back for Comic Con and the Walking Dead Weezer show and decided to swing by and check out the garage for ourselves. So this is what it looks like today.  Despite rumors to the contrary, it has not been torn down.  Take a look anyone who's interested.

... and a short video.  Yeah I know they didn't record "the blue album" there like I said, I meant the songs that would become the blue album, such as SIAS.  I took the video in a hurry (because we were sorta kinda trespassing) so, sorry it kinda sucks.  We just wanted to see if it still existed because of all the rumors and find out what it looks like now.

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Thanks for posting this. The whole place looks WAY bigger in the cartoon drawing I've seen with all the cool weezer references. Looks bigger in the SIAS video, too.

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