I can't find much video of the band performing songs off Maladroit like Burndt Jamb and American Gigolo.  Did they just not perform these songs or was it just that people weren't taking much video of concerts? Links to any videos would be appreciated

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There's a a few on youtube. When the album came out they played a lot off the album, nearly every song I believe. They even played some non-singles during the Make Believe tour as well. Burndt Jamb was released as a live b-side during Make Believe and Death and Destruction as well as Dope Nose were on The Lion and The Witch live EP and on Video Capture Device there is a live video of Take Control.Some of these links are just audio, no video, sorry..but still cool if you havent heard them live at all.

Burndt Jamb

Death and Destruction

Fall Together

American Gigolo

Any videos of Space Rock live?

I haven't found any :/

Hedgey said:

Any videos of Space Rock live?

I suggest looking up the 2002 Camden concert from the Enlightement Tour. Every song from the performance but December is up on Youtube.

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