I was just wondering if anybody here owned it and would be willing to post a review of some kind? I was thinking of buying the DVD and wanted to know more about it. :)

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Get it. It has all the music videos, a bunch of studio footage, live concert clips, and stuff of the sort. All together, it's about 3-4 hours long. 1993-2002. Yeah. 
the juice is worth the squeeze.
It's pretty simple, if you like Weezer music videos you'll love it! And all the other fun stuff on it is a very nice bonus, so without a doubt I say get it!!!! 
I love it.  It has a lot of really cool stuff on it.  Thoroughly entertaining.

there are some reviews here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Weezer-Video-Capture-Device-DVD/dp/B0001KZN...


also, it's incredibly cheap (£6 with free p&p in the UK, probably similarly cheap in other countries/currencies). being as weezer is a band you (presumably) enjoy, you could just go ahead and buy it. you'd hardly be taking a risk.

I'd recommend buying the DVD. It includes a whole lot of behind the scenes footage, rehearsals, cut scenes from music videos and interviews. Also, there is also an audio commentary option, from the band (though Rivers did not participate). Also, skateboarding, firecrackers and zombies.
Sounds good, I think I'll make a purchase. Thanks guys!

i guess i'll be the one hater for this thread. u could probably just watch most if not all of the videos on this DVD thru youtube. the studio footage is alright but the audio tracks are isolated on some and u only hear a fraction of the song-which is alright if ur a recording geek i guess. and rivers' shy, introverted personality doesnt lead to the most exciting behind the scenes footage.

yay! thats my first hate filled post regarding a band i love dearly and hold close to my heart.....i feel like an @$$h*** now :/

I have it, and I'd say it's worth the buy. It's not chock full of content like people seem to expect these days, but it's a decent amount, and if you're sentimental about the band, you'll probably want it. For instance, I was stoked to see the scene where the guys were playing Pink Triangle for the first time ever. I also really dig the version of My Brain (and Rivers' hair!!) that's on the DVD. There's a lot of Karl scenes (and.. fires and explosions??) too, which I always get a kick out of.



I mean, the DVD costs less than a pair of movie tix. Might as well spend the $$ on Weezer instead! (Just not on the $60 Hurley vest...) 



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