If any of you from the former, now classic weez.com site changed your user name, post it here so we know who you are.

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robdanpowell on there, the guy with the goombah icon.
Yeah...wtf...this is what, the fourth time I've had to "sign up" on here again??

Was and always MozMan68
It's what happens when they change servers... worth it, in my opinion, to get more functionality out of the website as a whole, and the forums.

I was just going to post here under my first name, but decided to tag on my OLD screen name too... i'll probably remove it in a little while, once this site has been up for awhile.
I was lazrpo1nt3r... you may have seen me post once on the old forum.
i was berry_rydell. then microgroove stole my _ and i was berryrydell.
Same screen name, new look. Order in the next 10 minutes and we'll throw in a free gift!
Was DCADAD for a bit then changed it to ThisDopeNose, now Daniel with the old user name just to make things a bit easier
Too soon...
it's cool, at least your new name is easier to remember. just don't let it happen again.
Still Birdmagon but you can call me Bird or Birdie if you like.

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