anyone voting tomorrow and/or willing to predict the outcome? i won't be voting for obvious reasons but i'm hoping/expecting an obama win. you?

how has the coverage of the election been in the US? i usually enjoy the media coverage of the US elections by UK/european media outlets way more than that for UK elections but it's seemed pretty subdued this time around so i'd be interested to know how it's played out in the US. i guess the last week or so has been overshadowed by the effects of sandy so it's a weird one.

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We have special permission to vote online ..... was hoping for hot showers....

I live in a massively Republican majority state, which means as far as my presidential vote goes I'm really just throwing it away by choosing Obama. Alas, I've made my voice heard and I s'pose that's what matters. Hope to god he wins.

JumpingJesusOnAPogostick! [spaz] said:

election stats represented by burgers and fries;

so that's what the germans think if amerikans

berry_rydell [berry_rydell] said:

election stats represented by burgers and fries;

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