Upcoming shows: Weezer Cruise flyer distribution: Can you help?

Hi folks! we came up with a plan to help get the word out about the Weezer Cruise. We are looking for one of you fans at each of the 6 upcoming shows (Indio, Minneapolis, Dana Point, Oklahoma, Chicago, Deluna Fest in FL) who is ready willing and able to take delivery of a pile of Weezer Cruise flyers, that we would ship to you. Then that one person can get 3-4 of his or her friends to help out, handing out all the flyers at the show.


Heres how this will work. Respond to this thread if you want to be the person for your show. 1st person to respond to the thread for their show is "THE ONE" for that show. Clearly state which show you are attending, so i and everyone knows that show is now "taken". ONLY volunteer if you will have no problem attending, and will have the time and the "friend power" to hand out all the flyers to people at the show.


Once you confirm IN THIS THREAD that you are the first responder for your show, THEN email me (karl at weezer dot com) and request your flyer pack, include a shipping address so we can send them to you.(for Indio, the flyers will be at the ticket booth waiting in your name).


ill first double check this thread to make sure you are the first one for your area, and then ill write you back and we'll send you the flyers.


As a special thank you gift, each of the 6 volunteer Cruise flyer distributors will also receive a weezer autographed poster!


Note: if you are attending more then one of the upcoming shows, and you respond first, please only pick one show to do the flyering at. We want everyone to have a chance. thanks!




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lol I'll take it as your sincere apology.
You are cute.
(And I'll also take the Frank Stallone autographed poster too.)

kitten$ bieber ♥ said:

no karl was konfused. instead of 1 poster per concert, it will be 6 posters per concert.

however, only 1 of each set of 6 posters will be signed by weezer. the rest will be signed by frank stallone.


I don't need a poster, I'll just help out :)
Radioactive, these flyers are for Weezer shows. I'm sure they have a limited number of them and they're going to want them passed around to people who have the highest probability of being interested (Weezer fans). I can imagine that most Smashing Pumpkins fans would say "WTF" if you handed them a flyer for the Weezer cruise (hell the Weezer fans who don't already know about this will say it too).

I'd love to help at the Oklahoma Winstar show in October.


Really a lot.

If you email me the flyer, I'll print some out, and hand them out in the surrounding towns and cities. 
i am willing to help out in that upcoming Barrow show that Sarah always goes on about
If Gohi doesn't do the Minneapolis show, I can do that one. I'll be at the fair all day and I can pass them out near the Weezer stage.
I think it was first come, first serve brah. If you want we could meet up and I could give you some to pass out.

Gohi said:
I think it was first come, first serve brah. If you want we could meet up and I could give you some to pass out.
Something funny tuff guy!? he seemed to really want to. lol.
he just wants that sweet autographed poster.
Do you even like Weezer? Why are you allowed on this website? (Yes, I expect a VERY witty comeback.)

kitten$ bieber ♥ said:
uh ya, you get a sweet autographed poster, you ungrateful f***.

Chipolin said:
Anything sweet for the good friends who will be helping out?
See you tomorrow, Karl!


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