I was wondering what everyone thought of this song.  I personally think its Weezer's best song in a while and I feel like it would be awesome live.  Anyone agree or disagree?

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I agree, the song is awesome.
But you may want to be careful with who you credit the song to. That was Rivers' "Lets Write a Sawng" experiment (look it up even if for nothing more than to see about 15 videos of Rivers' sweet 'stache). But I guess the point is that Weezer plays it and that makes it awesome.
I agree. I love this song (and pretty much all of the Death to False Metal Record)
Better than any song on Raditude and most of the songs on Hurley.

It just sounds more "Weezerish" than alot of the recent songs.
It's an okay song. My favorite is "I'm a robot", then "blowin' my stack".

I was just trying to find out more about this song and stumbled across this (old) thread. I love it. Interesting to see that they never seem to play it live (according to setlist.fm).

What is the history that is alluded to above?

great song.  love the variety in it.

Blowin' My Stack is my fav song on DTFM, but this one is a close 2nd.

haha death to false metal is the only =w= related release i have not listened to.

maybe i should..

It's one of the better tracks on DTFM (that and blowin my stack)... but I never thought it felt that weezery.  I mostly like it for what it is and consider it sort of a side-thing, not really very Weezery imo.  It's most impressive when you consider how it came to be.  It was written entirely through ideas submitted through youtube by a dozen or more different people and still somehow came out with a lot of good hooks and a pretty coherent structure.  The sawng days were fun.  It was a cool idea of Rivers'...


I agree that it would be a really fun song live, but I never really listen to it much and its some of Weezer's worse stuff, but its still okay.

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