Turning Up the Radio came out awesome!  Probably won't ever do a video for this, but if there's a chance, well then read on.  I've got a concept that could be done on the cheap, yet still be cool.

The theme of this song is nostalgia and even has a line "You know we're gonna turn back time to the 80's."  What if you did a video paying homage to one of the most beloved movies from the 80's -- Back to the Future?

Remember the scene below in the gymnasium where Marty McFly tried out for the school dance with his band the "Pinheads?"

And remember Huey Lewis and those judges sitting in the folding chairs?

My concept for the video is to pay homage to this scene by having all 4 guys from Weezer play the role of judges.  The "bands" that the judges watch perform would be manned by the 15 people who contributed to the writing of the song through the "Let's Write a Sawng" project on Youtube.  It could be cool, cutting between shots of each contributor on stage, performing in front of Weezer.  

Then at the end Rivers could stand up with a megaphone saying "I'm afraid you're just too darn loud."

Back to the Future just came out on Bluray on Oct 26th because it's the 25 year anniversary of the movie.  I bet Universal would be up for making a tie-in where you could "virally market" this album and Back to the Future all with this same video.

What do you think?

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great idea! I'd be into it!
I think it's freakin' brilliant.
It's funny when old threads suddenly come up again. And yes, this is an awesome idea. 

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