People, heres the spot for any questions you want to ask Brian and Scott this coming Tuesday. Were integrating the Ustream into so you can watch Rivers' pre-show warmups all in one spot, and in honor of that were doing a pre-pre-show Q+A session at 7pm CST on Tuesday. I'll be there with Scott and Brian and we'll be winging it, going off of any questions you add here, plus whatever you ask or say live, in the Ustream chat itself. Cross your fingers, the tech people say its gonna work!



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For Scott:


---> I'm learning to play bass! Got any tips for a new player? Why'd you pick bass instead of guitar?


--->I hear you're a Metalocalypse fan. Got a favorite character? What do you think about Offdensen? Good guy? Bad guy? Possessed by Selatcia (the grey haired dude)?


For Brian: 


---> All right, I have to know: What is all this "sass master" talk?


For both of you: 


---> What's it like being in Weezer?

---> Is there anything that you'd do differently if you had the chance to do it over? 

---> What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done/said to you?





You guys have been playing mostly festivals etc rather than 'true' weezer concerts the last couple of years.  Do you find that these kinds of gigs are more fun, more lucrative :) or is there some other sinister reason that we don't know about?

for brian: any chance of a new relationship album?


for scott: how does it feel being one badass mother effer?




thank you all for your time

Plz tell Beff Befferson to release Relationship albums more often. Alternately, ask Beff Befferson why Relationship albums are not released more often?

May have already been asked but...


Brian:  Do you miss the evil that is East Tennessee?

Another tech question: Ask Brian if he ever figured out how to use e-mail.

What are your favourite Pinkerton Songs? Parts of Pinkerton songs? Verses, Intros


1st Weezer show= 09 Dec 1996. Thank you for the 28 i've seen since. Question: "Any plans to let audience members play with the band again?"



Scott's answer:

A dog's tongue!

Jordan said:

For Brian and/or Scott:

What is the most unusual thing a fan has ever asked you to sign?

For Brian or Scott;

What do you do in your free time?

Will you ever play The Angel and The One live? Preferably at Jones Beach?

yeah what she said

Ali [mutantmanifesto] said:

Here's a qu: why u so cool, Karl?

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