People, heres the spot for any questions you want to ask Brian and Scott this coming Tuesday. Were integrating the Ustream into so you can watch Rivers' pre-show warmups all in one spot, and in honor of that were doing a pre-pre-show Q+A session at 7pm CST on Tuesday. I'll be there with Scott and Brian and we'll be winging it, going off of any questions you add here, plus whatever you ask or say live, in the Ustream chat itself. Cross your fingers, the tech people say its gonna work!



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If I may please ask an additional question...

Addressed to Brian, with regards to the songs you have written for the Relationship.

Your songwriting approach seems to be primarily inspired by life experiences and observations made about other people. Are you also inspired by poetry and films? Or are most of your influences from other songwriters?


Thank you for the opportunity you have provided to us to ask these questions.
And thanks again Karl for all your hard work. It is most appreciated.


whats next for weezer?





Are there any specific ditched demos that you wish had made an album?  If so, list as many as you'd like.


What goes into the making of a Weezer song?  Is it formulaic, or is it done with more ambition nowadays?


Are there any abandoned projects (such as Songs from the Black H***) that you'd wish to complete in the future?


That's all I'll ask until if another one of these happen. :)

For Brian and Scott: Are there any plans for more songs with you guys doing lead vocals? If not, would you like to do lead vocals for a new song again?

Brian: what guitar pedals do you currently use on stage to get the classic =w= crunch sound?


Scott: what effect (if any) do you put on your bass when playing Burndt Jamb?  I notice when the rocking part kicks in, your bass sounds like a space ship taking off.

Ok guys heres a big one, blondes or Brunettes?
When are you going you going to make another album?.
what time is it over there?

For Scott, Brian, and Karl;

What is your favourite colour?

For anyone -


What is your favourite Weezer album? and why?

What was the last song you heard that musically inspired you?

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