People, heres the spot for any questions you want to ask Brian and Scott this coming Tuesday. Were integrating the Ustream into so you can watch Rivers' pre-show warmups all in one spot, and in honor of that were doing a pre-pre-show Q+A session at 7pm CST on Tuesday. I'll be there with Scott and Brian and we'll be winging it, going off of any questions you add here, plus whatever you ask or say live, in the Ustream chat itself. Cross your fingers, the tech people say its gonna work!



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these questions are the most pathetic thing ive ever seen.

awesome and amazing had a child



karl was born

Ali [mutantmanifesto] said:

Here's a qu: why u so cool, Karl?
Was 'Where's My Sex?' written as a political statement on the military policing of japan?
more pathetic than the handling of alone 3?

Gene Simmons said:
these questions are the most pathetic thing ive ever seen.

These are all for Brian: 

1) Have you scratched your esophagus on anything toasted lately?

2) Is it true that you killed Kennedy?

3) Maybe I should just leave this door open and wake EVERYONE up?!?!?!?!

Do you guys give any input for the setlists at concerts, or is it completely controlled by rivers?

Karl: When can we expect the photo's from the Pittsburgh show??? (You Rock!)


Brain: What is your favorite non-Weezer song of all time??? (You Rock)


Scott: Is there a Weezer song that you are just sick of playing??? (You Rock)


Love you guys! Peace and Love-- Kim(@LoveWeezer)

For all:


What are your thoughts on lawn flamingos?


What is your favorite cartoon?



Fork, spoon, or spork?

Just want to start by saying that I am a 14 year listener and I love everything you guys do.


Brian: What is your favorite guitar riff to play? (In  =w= album history)


Scott: What do you want for your birthday? 


Thank you both <3



Can they play 'hang on' tonight before the Pinkerton set?

For Brian and Scott:

Since you've been performing with a lot of other bands at festivals, have there been any bands in particular that have grown on you as a result of playing alongside them? Are there any smaller bands you've played with that you see a lot of potential in?

What inspired you to become a musician? What tips do you have on becoming a good guitarist/bassist? And btw one of the hottest girls ive ever seen was at your ocncert about 7th row center in Houston next to me so thanks for getting the good crowds

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