People, heres the spot for any questions you want to ask Brian and Scott this coming Tuesday. Were integrating the Ustream into so you can watch Rivers' pre-show warmups all in one spot, and in honor of that were doing a pre-pre-show Q+A session at 7pm CST on Tuesday. I'll be there with Scott and Brian and we'll be winging it, going off of any questions you add here, plus whatever you ask or say live, in the Ustream chat itself. Cross your fingers, the tech people say its gonna work!



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Any chance of a show in Ireland outside of Oxegen? (I know you guys don't make the tour dates but just in case there are shows confirmed that haven't been announced yet)
Here's a qu: why u so cool, Karl?

can we get an update on any new weezer material?

You play to such a range of audiences at different types of venues. Is there a particular type of event you prefer over others? For example is the shared experence of a festival more enjoyable than that of an individual show where you are the only band playing?


(I'm writing from Australia by the way. We miss you here). :)

can you give me free tickets to the Toronto show?

No but seriously, it would be cool to find out what the plans are for the next album. Are they still considering only releasing singles and no full length albums? 
Also, how the memories tour has effected them, and if that could effect their output of future music.  

Scott and/or Brian:

What's your favorite song to play live? Favorite venue/city?

How much longer do you see yourself rockin' with Weezer? Any plans for a future in music after the Weez?

What's your best memory from being a part of Weezer?

For Brian: What's it like having so much sass?
For Scott: What's it like being so 'devastating'?

Schnerk said:
For Brian: What's it like having so much sass?
S***! I'm going to be taking my last final Tues. night! Why couldn't it be any other night?

How did it come about that Scott usually sings "Dope Nose" on tour, and I've often seen Brian singing "Why Bother?"  Were these personal favorites of yours, or how was this decided?


And Brian, where do you draw your style influence from?  You always have such sassy outfits.

Is there any chance of you guys doing a tour where you only play deeper cuts that don't usually get played? The possibility of hearing things like O Girl, The Angel and the One and Waiting on You would be beyond awesome! Perhaps you could do it on a  club tour and assemble Goat Punishment again ^_^


You guys have been recording all together in a live formation for your last three song releases (The State Farm Song, You Might Think and Paranoid Android) and personally, I love the energy you guys capture when recording in this way, it's extremely noticeably different to the cut and paste job of something like Hurley. For your next album do you think you'll continue recording in this manner?


Does your cover of Paranoid Android, Rivers' studying of new guitar techniques and the band's recent collective interest in prog-rock suggest that future Weezer output may be more complex and mature in the vein of Radiohead and Pink Floyd?


Have a great day guys!

Brian: Ask Rivers when Alone 3 is coming out and answer this question with his response.


Scott: Do you do any solo stuff by yourself or do you contribute everything you work on to Weezer?

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