Hey Weezer family,

I am going to the weezer shows at Mohegan Sun and Borgata, or at least I'm planning to. Although it is theoretically possible to travel between the two shows on greyhound, I'd rather not rely on them, as I believe they are, well, unreliable. I was wondering if anyone else is going to both shows, who may be driving between them and able to give me a ride?? 


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not that I am going to both of those shows.

but if I was, the last thing I would need is to be stuck in my car with a stranger who hasn't even offered to help out with gas...and probably wants to listen to weezer in between 2 weezer concerts.

Wow, I thought helping out for petrol would go without saying, and, no, I wouldn't listen to a band before I went to see them. If going to consecutive shows seems a bit extreme, it is because I don't get many opportunities to see them live. 

my bad. I generally prefer that my hitchhikers make it obvious they're willing to chip in for gas (or at least...nevermind)


but I'm still not going to both of these shows

You're right, I could have worded it better.

So, to anyone else who may be going to both shows and would be willing to help me out -  I would chip in for fuel and shout you lunch and be filled with gratitude!

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