is it me or does it seem that trainwrecks and underdogs are different sides of the same coin

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It's just you.
I've heard this comparison before on ATW... I can kind of see the comparison. In any case, I prefer Trainwrecks by a "you wish you were at lunch."
Although I prefare the chorus melody of underdogs to anything in trainwrecks, the background music sounds like it came off the Space Jam soundtrack, the verse is sang without emotion and the lyrics struggle to make sense. With trainwrecks, the music sounds great, the vocal performance is convincing and the lyrics, although at times sounding very contrived, get the message across by stating it in the simplest terms. As a slacker 'anthem', Trainwrecks is more successful I think. Still, both songs remind me more of a songs written by emo kids in their teens.

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