Here are my top 5 worst Weezer songs with short explanations.
1. Love Explosion (sounds lame, bad lyrics, sounds like another song)
2. Cold Dark World (what the hell were they thinking)
3. Knock Down Drag Out (lame lyrics and corny at best)
4. American Gigolo (horribly ugly guitar solo)
5. Everybody Get Dangerous (lyrics are garbage)

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1. Freak Me Out
2. Haunt You Everyday
5. Fontana
4. Booby Trap
3. Christmas Celebration
2. Sacrifice
1. Serendipity
This thread must be taken down!!!
In no order:
Death and Destruction - Great instrumental. The added lyrics typify everything that was awful with Rivers' songwriting at the time - horrible, generic lyrics. Unfortunately there is no decent melody to redeem it in anyway.
Space Rock - Songs about dealing with fans on message boards? I guess we wanted more personal lyrics and that is what concerned him cerca 2002. The falsetto vocal is just awkward.
We Are All on Drugs - Stupid lyrics and a bad melody.
Everybody Get Dangerous - Booyah? Really?

Heart Songs - One of the worst songs released on a commercial album I've ever experienced. Shockingly awful.

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