I started this thread in the old Red (wow it's weird to say "old Red") boards and thought I should bring it back considering we now have 3 more albums to include in this discussion. I'm listing anything released under the Weezer name (so this wouldn't include anything necessarily from Alone or any of Rivers assorted solo songs). Here are my Top 5 choices:


1. Hold Me - Accused of being too mopey even by Make Believe standards, I personally think it's one of my favorite Weezer songs. Everything from the second verse on, including the bgvs, the bridge, the solo, the outro. Just a beautifully constructed song.

2. Time Flies - While Run Away typically gets all of the attention (and rightfully so) I think Time Flies is genuinely one of the best PP songs. The lyrics feel genuine, and the way it's presented on the album is unique (in that it's basically a wobbly demo). Also, hearing this playing over the speakers as the Memories show came to a close was a real treat.

3. Mad Kow - the stand out song for me from s2k and the album 5 sessions. I can't decide which version i love more (the 2000 version with the riff or the piano version) but that melody gets me every time.

4. The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World - I'm including this in here because personally it's been a holy grail kind of track for me since I got a hold of that RCB bootleg back in 1998 and don't think it gets the true cred it deserves. While the 2009 version doesn't include the awesome breakdown that I grew up listening to (nor the overwhelming bass although that was more of a result of where the bootlegger's was standing as he/she was recording the show) it may easily be the only good thing to come out of the Raditude era. If only the rest of that album were more of this and less Let It All Hang Out.

5. So Low - the original no hobo version. A great power pop rock tune that unfortunately we don't even have a studio demo of. One of the best hooks Rivers has even penned in my opinion.

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I'll add some more:
Jamie, Paperface, Tragic Girl, Knock-down Drag-out, American Giggalo, Take Control, Burndt Jamb, Slob, Fall Together, Haunt You Every Day, Damage In Your Heart, Everybody Get Dangerous, Thought I Knew, Put Me Back Together, I Don't Want To Let You Go, I Want To Be Something, Losing My Mind, Mad Kow, Pig.

Heart Songs is really good.

And I think Hash Pipe is pretty underrated too

Yeah I definitely agree with Hold Me. I also think Peace is underrated. When I think of peace or being peaceful I don't think about distorted guitars descending down the pentatonic scale and Rivers holding out long vocal notes but you know what, the song still relaxes me.

Jeffrey Watts said:
I agree, Hold me is one of my favorite weezer songs.  Love love love it.

Marie said:

Heart Songs is really good.

And I think Hash Pipe is pretty underrated too

Don't Let Go, all of Maladroit, Hold Me, Dreamin', I Don't Wanna Let You Go,Time Flies

There isn't anything from the 90's that I would consider underrated. From Paperface to Tragic Girl I think they all justifiably get the right amount of praise. But if I need to make a case for any song it would be the Pinkerton era version of I Swear It's True since it's largely overshadowed by the brilliance of Tragic Girl and Getting Up and Leaving. The sludginess of the guitar is a delight. Although then again there is Everyone and Trampoline which either you really love or just don't care for.


The only songs from Maladroit I would consider underrated are Slob and Burndt Jamb. D+D and Keep Fishin (single version) get a fair amount of love but everything else on it is, well, meh (personally I also dig Fall Together and December - the drums kick ass - yet it remains the album i dislike the most).


I'm also gonna throw in a mention of Burning Sun because that melody is gold.

Photograph, O Girlfriend, Starlight, Always, December, Ruling Me, I want to be something, Getting up and leaving, Tired of sex, Holiday, Heartsongs, Where's my sex, We are all on drugs. (Plus the majority of Make Believe).


Good idea for a list. Though it's probably more interesting trying to gauge peoples views on what's underrated - and maybe what's just criminally overlooked or underplayed. Mine's probably just a list made up of songs that I don't feel have gotten their just deserts.




I'm going to alter this and make it Top 5. I see a lot of interesting choices here, but I'm curious to see the top picks from all of you for what you believe is underrated/overlooked and the reasons why.


For instance, in no way do I consider Hash Pipe underrated, or like I said anything from Blue or Pink, because they get a lot of love and attention (in live shows, in critical/fan praise). Weezer has a lot of songs that get lost in the shuffle due to the amount of material they've released in the past 11 years since making their comeback, and something like Peace (which I left out but I do think is indeed underrated even if the "my poor brain is gonna pop" lyric makes me cringe) or Burndt Jamb (best thing to come out of the 'droit era) is just forgotten about over time.

Personally, Hang On is my favorite Hurley track, but Run Away does get majority of the attention from the fan base.

Also, I haven't seen much praise for Mad Kow (this or other boards).


CrackerJack said:

1 - Good song, you are right.


2 - Hang on is the best song on the album, not run away.  Time flies is good, it gets the credit it deserves.


3 - Its not underrated, alot of people here claim that its their favorite post pink song, or ss2k song.


4 - Good song, not overrated at all.  Its one of the only decent tracks on raditude, and as a result, people tend to listen to them more.


5 - Never heard


My own




O Girl

Thought I Knew


The Angel And The One

The Damage In Your Heart

In The Garage



I agree about Hold Me and Peace.  Angel and The One, but that's in my top 5 Weezer songs overall.......... but I know many people love it so not sure if that can be considered underrated.  Put Me Back Together and Trippin Down the Freeway round out my top 5.
Most of Maladroit

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