I started this thread in the old Red (wow it's weird to say "old Red") boards and thought I should bring it back considering we now have 3 more albums to include in this discussion. I'm listing anything released under the Weezer name (so this wouldn't include anything necessarily from Alone or any of Rivers assorted solo songs). Here are my Top 5 choices:


1. Hold Me - Accused of being too mopey even by Make Believe standards, I personally think it's one of my favorite Weezer songs. Everything from the second verse on, including the bgvs, the bridge, the solo, the outro. Just a beautifully constructed song.

2. Time Flies - While Run Away typically gets all of the attention (and rightfully so) I think Time Flies is genuinely one of the best PP songs. The lyrics feel genuine, and the way it's presented on the album is unique (in that it's basically a wobbly demo). Also, hearing this playing over the speakers as the Memories show came to a close was a real treat.

3. Mad Kow - the stand out song for me from s2k and the album 5 sessions. I can't decide which version i love more (the 2000 version with the riff or the piano version) but that melody gets me every time.

4. The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World - I'm including this in here because personally it's been a holy grail kind of track for me since I got a hold of that RCB bootleg back in 1998 and don't think it gets the true cred it deserves. While the 2009 version doesn't include the awesome breakdown that I grew up listening to (nor the overwhelming bass although that was more of a result of where the bootlegger's was standing as he/she was recording the show) it may easily be the only good thing to come out of the Raditude era. If only the rest of that album were more of this and less Let It All Hang Out.

5. So Low - the original no hobo version. A great power pop rock tune that unfortunately we don't even have a studio demo of. One of the best hooks Rivers has even penned in my opinion.

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1. Slob

2. Where's My Sex?

3. Ruling Me

4. We Are All On Drugs

5: Freak Me Out

How about American Gigolo. That is one of my favorites off Maladroit.
Just for good riddance, I'll show Matt Sharp's Mrs. Young in there too. Hell of a song.
In no order:
1. Crab- One of my favorites from Green, in my opinion it's so underrated that it's ridiculous.
2. Burndt Jamb- I love how this song is divided into one light-hearted portion and one heavier rocking portion.
3. Space Rock- Yeah, I know it's not one of their best, but I think this song gets too much hate.
4. Thought I Knew- I really, really like this song. Why not mix it up with Brian on vocals? An overall solid tune and some decent lyrics from The Sassmaster.
5. The Angel And The One- I can really feel a special ;presence when I listen to it, almost like Only In Dreams but not as strong. I think Rivers thought of Only In Dreams when he wrote this song. Those minutes towards the end of peaceful little noises is brilliant.

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