hi there. im a fan of this band and tryin to spread the word on them. heres a few youtube vids..




hope you enjoy and spread the word .thanks

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oh and an mp3..


was it a conscious decision to leave the apostrophe out of your band name?

Take your music and leave.


yes it was  a conscious decision..

. sory kids for the shameless self promotion. but im the man behind this music. my gf  started this thread.

to clarify things were from the northwoods of wisconsin ,not many chances for exposure out here.no music scene to speak of.although bon iver did come from these parts haha. but for real were not claiming to being the cats pajamas ,we just had fun recording this album and wanna turn as many people on to it as possible.it is experimental and ..lo-fi by todays standards. personally ive been influenced heavily by nirvana , weezer, beck ,and alot 90s rock. sry if some of you consider  this spamming.just tryin to share what weve created.

peace -jrg

Your girlfriend definitely didn't make this thread.

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