Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone would like to check out the cover of "Tired Of Sex" I recorded and mixed over last night and this morning. I changed the title and the lyric because I do not believe in multiple sexual partners, nor sexual promiscuity. I want the new lyric to suggest that I am tired of making friends with girls rather than being able to find my true love...of course "I know I'm a sinner but I can't say no" doesn't really make all that much sense now...but oh well.

I recorded this using a Line 6 toneport and its software gearbox, acid pro, and ezdrummer. I made the whole thing in my bedroom. I listened to the real song to try and make my drums close though there are various things I didn't put in, either because they were too complicated for me to program or because I didn't want to spend three weeks on the drum track.

I am intending to record a whole album called "Simpleton" to share with people for free. It will be a full cover of Pinkerton, though I will alter any lyrics whenever I feel I do not want to say what was originally said. I hope y'all don't hate on me too much for doing that.

I don't know how Weezer and whoever holds all the copyrights feels about all of this. But I will keep it up until they ask me to stop. Everything is free so I don't see it hurting them.

Okay, enough rambling, check out my recording here:


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You have to be trolling right?
While I do agree with your sentiments and values, I think that if you're covering a song by an artist, out of respect for them any changes should be very minor. "Tired of Friends" is a completely different concept... A cover doesn't necessarily have to reflect your own beliefs, so instead of altering the song you should make it clear that you don't agree.

In the case of "Why Bother?", might I suggest you use the line, "Not something real/so you better start packin'!" instead of "Not something real/so I'd rather keep whackin'". That's understandable, and even Brian sings the former when he takes on the vox for the song. I'm just guessing that line would be a problem for you.

If you're into replacing profanity, you can change "b****ing" to "whining", or in "El Scorcho" do Rivers' trademark "gawsh dawrnit!" or "gosh dang" a la "Where's My Sex?"
Troll I do not. Yeah, I can see where you're coming from with the whole changing of the song's meaning. I mean no disrespect to Rivers or anything by it. But really, I just want the fun of trying to record their songs myself and see how decent of a job I can do at them. I figured I'd get flack for lyric changes and such, but that's life.
I don't mind if the whole thing sucks or I am a bad musician/singer/whatnot, I'd just like to request that anyone reviewing review as if I said "sex" and just base your reviews on the overall performance.
Ignoring the "friends" thing, it's actaully very good on a technical level, but when you try to exactly clone the original as much as possible it makes for an uninteresting cover.
Thanks and point taken. I feel I still need work on my recording and such so trying to mimic is sort of a fun way to see what goes into making a studio recording sound good. Though I still couldn't manage to get it close enough. I also am using a USB device and headphones so feedback and such is practically out of the question. I make a lot of home recordings but thought this could be a fun side project.
whilst we're at it, let's change "Sex On Fire", to "[Friends] on Fire"

on your actual performance, the singing is a bit lacking, but the backing is impressive, if you did that yourself.
Backing music or backing vocals? It's all me (besides the drums, which I programmed). I listened to the song as I went t try to get a feel for what to do.
why bother?
well, at least your cover isn't as bad as this...


I would be embarrassed if i were this guy.
Yeah, that guy sucks.
play a bit more sloppier, it sounds too clean.
Nice job on the solo, though

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