Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone would like to check out the cover of "Tired Of Sex" I recorded and mixed over last night and this morning. I changed the title and the lyric because I do not believe in multiple sexual partners, nor sexual promiscuity. I want the new lyric to suggest that I am tired of making friends with girls rather than being able to find my true love...of course "I know I'm a sinner but I can't say no" doesn't really make all that much sense now...but oh well.

I recorded this using a Line 6 toneport and its software gearbox, acid pro, and ezdrummer. I made the whole thing in my bedroom. I listened to the real song to try and make my drums close though there are various things I didn't put in, either because they were too complicated for me to program or because I didn't want to spend three weeks on the drum track.

I am intending to record a whole album called "Simpleton" to share with people for free. It will be a full cover of Pinkerton, though I will alter any lyrics whenever I feel I do not want to say what was originally said. I hope y'all don't hate on me too much for doing that.

I don't know how Weezer and whoever holds all the copyrights feels about all of this. But I will keep it up until they ask me to stop. Everything is free so I don't see it hurting them.

Okay, enough rambling, check out my recording here:


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hey man, I actually like the song Pinkerton. I forgive you for "Tired of Friends".
awesome dude!

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