me and my brother took my mum and nanna out today (with it being mothers day)

i took this picture off a lifeboat station, it overlooks a small island, there is a castle on it called piel castle
this is about as summery as it gets where i am so i share it with you.....what about you, is where you live nice?

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It's nice.

right now...washington DC

hometown...smithfield, VA



I live in Sydney, Australia. Famous for its Opera House, etc. It's a busy place and I find it's easier to get around on public transport. I took the above photo at our local train station. Thought you might like it.



should be there again in a month or so...

Sgt. "Bad Attitude" Lurkom said:

Edgey knows where I live.

The County.

RIP big yellow hammerhead 

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